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Sopwith Camel

Sopwith Camel

Sopwith Camel Sopwith Camel Sopwith Camel Sopwith Camel

Ref: BD009

The Sopwith Camel was a British First World War single-seat biplane fighter introduced on the Western Front in 1917. Manufactured by Sopwith Aviation Company, it had a short-coupled fuselage, heavy, powerful rotary engine, and concentrated fire from twin synchronized machine guns. Though difficult to handle, to an experienced pilot it provided unmatched manoeuvrability. A superlative fighter, the Camel was credited with shooting down 1,294 enemy aircraft, more than any other Allied fighter of the war. It also served as a ground-attack aircraft, especially near the end of the conflict, when it was outclassed in the air-to-air role by newer fighters.
SCALE 1/17 Dimensions in cms 33.02 x 49.53 x 15.875

Price: 329.00 / $450.73 (Including VAT at 20%)

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